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Commercial Bathroom Cladding

Bathrooms are known to be spaces that can suffer from poor hygiene and a lack of cleanliness. If you are looking for an effective solution that can help you to manage cleanliness while achieving a modern look, then our commercial bathroom cladding has everything you are looking for.


You won’t have to rely on traditional cladding such as tiles or stainless steel as our commercial bathroom cladding is designed to offer an effective and affordable solution that makes cleaning and hygiene more efficient than ever before. You will be able to remain compliant with all health and safety regulations and keep your space looking smart at the same time.

Transform Your Commercial Bathroom With Ease

Commercial Bathroom Wall Cladding

Commercial kitchen cladding can transform the look of your kitchen but also the way in which you manage it. Furthermore, each panel can be installed quickly and efficiently using our range of adhesive. All areas of your kitchen can benefit from the installation of wall cladding as it can be cut to shape and finished to the highest of standards.


There are also a range of accessories that can help to finish off the installation such as profiles, capping and angles, helping to hide joins, creating the perfect look for your professional kitchen.

A Simple Solution For Commercial Bathroom Cleaning

Commercial Washroom and Bathroom Cladding

Our commercial bathroom wall cladding can help to speed up cleaning and save you money. You can reduce the number of cleaning products you use which means that all it requires is a simple wipe-down using the right cleaning product and nothing more. This gives you the ability to maintain hygiene and create a space that is pleasant for users.

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