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Commercial Office Cladding

If you are looking to give your office a modern and clean appearance then our commercial office cladding is the solution you are looking for. To achieve this, it is essential to use the latest solutions that help to uphold a high level of cleanliness.


Our commercial office cladding is an innovative solution that can revolutionise your office space. Cleaning and maintaining hygiene can be time-consuming and costly, but our cladding can make a significant difference.

Rapid Office Cladding Installation

Commerial Office Cladding

Our cladding can not only improve the appearance of your office but also streamline its management. The panels can be installed quickly and efficiently using our range of adhesive. The cladding can be cut to shape and finished to the highest standard, providing benefits to all areas of your office. From kitchens to meeting rooms and individual offices, it can transform your office in very little time.


We also offer a variety of accessories to complete the installation, such as profiles, capping, and angles, which help conceal joins and create the perfect look for your professional kitchen.

Built Office Durability

Durability is crucial in any office space, and our commercial office cladding offers just that. It is scratch-resistant, UV-resistant, and flexible, providing you with a range of impressive features. Made using the latest materials, it has been designed to last longer than other types of wall materials such as stainless steel or tiles.


Cleaning becomes an efficient process and allows you to design an office that meets your needs while ensuring compliance. With our cladding, it has never been so easy to maintain cleanliness and hygiene while also benefiting from a modern look and design.


Our cladding comes in 2.5-meter or 3.04-meter lengths, with thicknesses of 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, and 3mm, and is fire-resistant, ensuring that you can trust in our commercial office wall cladding.

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