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Gloss PVC Wall Cladding Sheet

Keeping your workspace hygiene and clean doesn’t have to mean that you are unable to achieve the look that you want. Unlike standard wall materials such as tile or stainless steel, gloss PVC wall cladding is designed to provide a suitable alternative that you can trust. It helps to keep your workspace cleaner and can still help your space to look smart at the same time.


When it comes to hygiene, you have to make sure that bacteria and pathogens are kept at bay. Certain surfaces make for the ideal environment for these to thrive but with our gloss PVC wall cladding, cleaning and maintaining hygiene could not be easier.


It provides a unique gloss finish and this makes it ideal for a variety of settings such as kitchens, medical settings, dental practices and commercial kitchens.

Gloss PVC Wall Cladding - Transform Your Workspace and Benefit From Improved Cleanliness

Gloss PVC Wall Cladding Sheet

All businesses have a duty to manage cleanliness effectively and that is why it is vital to reduce the risk as much as possible. When you change to gloss PVC cladding, it becomes easier to clean and that enables you to deal with any potential problems quickly and efficiently.


Our solution is also cost-effective, making it cheaper than the likes of tiles or stainless steel and it offers a high level of durability, enabling it to last year after year. It won’t fade and it won’t chip, scratch or mark which ensures your workplace always looks presentable and smart. Furthermore, cleaning will take less time as all it requires is a wipe down with a cleaning solution and nothing more.


The panels are also easy to install. They are lightweight, making them ideal for all kinds of walls and they can be cut to shape, making them versatile and flexible. This means that they can be used in large spaces or small spaces but more importantly, they always help you to maintain hygiene and remain compliant.

Choose From a Range of Cladding Options

Disabled Toilet PVC Wall Cladding

You can still create a smart looking space with our PVC wall cladding. The gloss look is modern and stylish and it is available in a variety of colours too. What’s more, you can also purchase them in a range of sizes and thicknesses to fit your needs, including:

Sheet sizes:

  •  2.5 metres x 1.22 metres (8ft x 4ft)

  • 3.04 metres x 1.22 metres (10ft x 4ft)


  • 1.5mm

  • 2mm

  • 2.5mm

  • 3mm

To help you complete your transformation and to help aid cleanliness and hygiene, we also offer a range of accessories that make installation a breeze. This includes the likes of H-section joints, internal angles, capping strips and two part jointing profiles, all of which make up our cladding system.


They are designed using the latest materials and this means that they comply with industry regulations. Some of the features include:


  • Class 1 Fire RatingBS EN 13501 - 01

  • Flexible sizes

  • UV stable

  • Can be fixed to a variety of surfaces

  • Resistant to moisture, stains and scuffs

  • BBA certified

  • Simple installation.


Our range of gloss PVC wall cladding can be ordered online and delivered throughout the UK in up to three days. All orders are handled quickly and that allows you to order the right products when you need them.

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