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Food Processing Factory Cladding

The food industry requires those businesses involved to maintain hygiene to a level that complies with all industry regulations. Cleaning is an integral part of operating a food processing factory which is why our food processing factory cladding has everything you are looking for.


It is important that you create a clean working environment by using the right materials and this is where our cladding really makes a difference. In a simple and efficient way, you can give your factory a clean and professional look. You can create a clean and healthy environment that ensures you process food in an environment that stands out.

Factory Cladding - Installed Seamlessly and Quickly

Food Processing Factory Cladding

What makes our cladding so unique is the way in which it can be installed quickly. The cladding comes in large sheets of varying lengths, allowing you to cover large spaces rapidly. They can be cut to shape and using complex adhesive, they can be fixed in place permanently. We also boast a wide range of accessories such as capping, angles and profiles, all of which helps you to achieve the ideal finish.

Wall Cladding Materials Deliver Durability

The food processing industry has strict regulations but you need cladding that is built to last. With our cladding, you will have a solution that is UV-resistant, scratch-resistant and water-proof, ensuring that you can put your trust in it from the moment it is installed.


It is made to stand the test of time and as it is easy to clean, you can save on time and effort when cleaning as well as the expense of multiple cleaning products. You can prevent the growth of bacteria and ensure that your factory operates at the highest standards.


Furthermore, our cladding solutions are fire-resistant, giving you complete confidence knowing that it helps to enhance safety. You can access our cladding in a range of sizes such as 2.5-metre or 3.04-metre lengths as well as thicknesses of 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, and 3mm.

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