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Pastel PVC Wall Cladding Sheet

Pastel PVC walls cladding sheets are designed to help transform your workspace into a cleaner and more hygienic environment. They are adaptable and flexible and they make a great alternative when it comes to wall materials such as tiles. This allows you to create a workspace that benefits from improved hygiene and cleanliness.


If you want to improve hygiene levels and save time and money on cleaning then pastel PVC wall cladding is a highly effective solution that is proven to work. It is cost-effective and suitable for a variety of settings where hygiene is a priority. This means that it is a suitable solution for leisure facilities, butcher shops, treatment rooms, dental practices and commercial kitchens.

Pastel PVC Wall Cladding -A Versatile Product With a Range of Benefits

Pastel PVC Wall Cladding Sheet

Certain work environments are required to meet strict regulations when it comes to cleanliness. Walls can prove a challenge to keep clean, especially where tiles or brick are left exposed as bacteria and pathogens can thrive there. However, pastel PVC wall cladding is en effective solution that is can help to improve cleanliness and hygiene.


This cost-effective option will also outlast other materials as it is easy to keep clean, it won’t rust or corrode like stainless steel and it won’t chip or scuff. It is also UV stable which means it won’t fade, keeping your workspace looking clean and modern.


Suitable for both commercial and public spaces, it is simple and efficient to clean, helping you to save time on cleaning and money on cleaning products, making this a suitable option where savings are vital.


This product is unique when it comes to installation. The large sheets can be installed directly to walls or cut to size, making them suitable for spaces of all sizes. A range of accessories will allow you to install cladding quickly and efficiently, making your workspace compliant when it comes to health and safety.

An Effective Solution That Brings a Wealth of Benefits

Staircase Pastel PVC Wall Cladding

Pastel PVC wall cladding not only offers a unique colour but it is possible to use a range of spaces. As a result, we offer this product in a variety of sizes, including:

Sheet sizes:

  •  2.5 metres x 1.22 metres (8ft x 4ft)

  • 3.04 metres x 1.22 metres (10ft x 4ft)


  • 1.5mm

  • 2mm

  • 2.5mm

  • 3mm

To help aid the installation product and the effectiveness of your installation, we also offer a choice of accessories. This includes the likes of two part jointing profiles, internal corner joints, internal angles, capping strips and H-section joints, giving you a perfect finish.


Our pastel PVC wall cladding sheets also offer a range of benefits including:


  • Class 1 Fire RatingBS EN 13501 - 01

  • Flexible sizes

  • UV stable

  • Can be fixed to a variety of surfaces

  • Resistant to moisture, stains and scuffs

  • BBA certified

  • Simple installation.


Offering fast delivery across the whole of the UK, you can receive your pastel PVC wall cladding in just three days. This will allow you to transform your workspace and improve hygiene at the same time.

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